Why Everyone Should Get Used Auto Parts!

The Advantages of Buying Used Auto Parts

By Careen Espanola - March 3, 2021

Okay, we can’t stress enough the positive impact of recycling salvaged car parts on the environment. However, on the buyers’ end, there are also a lot of benefits you get out of opting for salvage auto parts in Colorado. 

It is typical for our clients to question the reliability of using car parts that have been salvaged. One of the major concerns is safety. Second, the underlying cost if the used car part you bought is defective. Lastly, choosing the right salvage yard. 

CAP has been in the business before technology took over. We’ve seen how the industry changed from one trend to another. We know every challenge in the field of salvaging wrecked cars. CAP also know the risks of selling low-quality salvaged used car parts. Thus, we would rather reserve our time and effort in revamping used car parts to a reusable and as good-as-new condition as possible. 

Reasons to Buy Salvaged Auto Parts



You will definitely save a lot of money buying used car parts than going for OEMs. Apart from getting almost the same quality function, you can save up to 70% of the cost compared to OEM parts. Also, salvage yards like CAP, who have been in the business for years, you can get more bargain negotiating with our tenured sales staff. 

OEM Fit and Performance

Salvage auto parts are also OEM parts that deliver the same quality and function. Used auto parts, however, are OEM parts that aren’t in use anymore. Hence, instead of wasting a perfectly good salvaged engine, used transmission, and other car specs to waste, salvage yards repair them to give cheaper options to clients and to not contribute to any more garbage on the planet. 

It is understood that salvaged engines, rear axles, transmissions, and other used mechanical car parts have some wear and tear on the outside. But, the more important aspect to consider is the condition of its internal components. Regardless of how it looks on the outside as long as it delivers the expected performance, used car parts are still a great option for your car repairs. 

Environmentally Friendly 

Reusing is the highest form of recycling. And, that’s what using salvage car part is all about. Reusing old car parts that can still perform will save an ample amount of cost while also saving on the resources of manufacturing and transporting a new one. 

OEM operations leave a lot of footprints that are harmful to the environment. While recycled car parts are typically purchased locally, hence, very minimal to ZERO environmental damage is acquired. 

85 million barrels of oil are saved per year because of recycling used car parts which will be used later on for manufacturing replacement parts. Additionally, recycled steel is used to build new vehicle bodies and other industrial structures. Thus, salvaging wrecked cars leave no harmful footprints while preventing and reducing resource exhaustion. 

CAP’s operations are aligned to these factors. Our foremost goals are to deliver high-quality salvaged car parts while ensuring that we leave no trace of our operations to the environment. 

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