What Happens at a Salvage Yard

Tracking from Purchase of Salvage, Selling Used Auto Parts, to Crushing Vehicles.

Careen Española - January 6, 2021

With today’s nature of the business, especially in digital marketing, the customer’s online experience is a major priority. The market nowadays is becoming more conscious about the product they buy, the process of purchasing the product, and the security of making online financial transactions. 

Additionally, customers expect to get their product as soon as they make the purchase online. It does count to other products sold over the internet. Used auto parts, on the other hand, go through several processes before they are ready for shipping.  

Reverse Manufacturing is a process every salvaged auto part goes through to ensure its quality and safety. Although CAP has our physical store you can visit and make a purchase, our online platform operates differently. The used auto parts posted online are not like any other products that can be shipped upon your check-out. Used car parts need to look and work pristinely before we hand them over. Hence, at CAP, we always guarantee every used auto part we ship out upholds the reputation of our humble company. 

The Reverse Manufacturing Process


Procurement is the first process before the reverse manufacturing takes place. If you sold your wrecked vehicle to a salvage yard, make sure that your wrecked car will be recycled and properly disposed of. 

CAP is one of the most reputable salvage yards in Colorado. We disassemble and remove each part of your wrecked vehicle and evaluate each one thoroughly. This process is the topmost essential process in the automotive recycling industry. It has to be done immaculately to make sure no parts are wasted. 

With our team of experts, CAP has the ability to dismantle a wrecked car efficiently without leading to any more damage or tarnishing the current quality of the used car parts. Our valuable employees are well-equipped in perfecting this process with the help of our savvy technology and cutting edge software. 

Stocking and Tracking

After the procurement process, the used car parts we acquired will be delivered to our facility. CAP examine every salvaged car parts for quality control. We assess every detail of damage before grading them. By giving each part a grade, our salespeople will be able to know and understand the condition of the used car part. If the salvaged car part does not reach our high standards, it will reach our inventory or our customers especially. 


After the salvaged car part passes our quality check, we enter the used car part and its detailed description to help our customers access ample information about the product. Once the salvaged car part is entered into our system, customers from all over the world can have access to it while being able to know every detail of the product without talking to an actual person. Hence, CAP extend effort in providing the best customer experience. 

Tear Down of Wrecked Car

The dismantling process is the heart of our reverse manufacturing operation. We start off with testing every salvaged car part we acquired while ensuring that the main use of the used car part works flawlessly. Used transmissions and engines are crucial parts of the vehicle. So, to make sure it works as expected, CAP conduct a thorough testing process. 

After the testing process, we systematically remove all the fluids, gases, oils, and other liquids in the used car part. We dispose of these fluids in a way where we extend no harm to the environment as possible. 

Then, after disposing of the fluids, we will carefully remove the engine, transmission, and all the other core parts of the vehicle. Before these used car parts are delivered, another inspection will be done by our lead dismantler to ensure that every process was done correctly. We will then stock them in our warehouse and package them so they will be ready for delivery the day after our customers ordered them. 

Selling Parts

CAP is primarily a wholesale used car part dealer in Colorado. Hence, body shops, insurance companies, independent repair shops, and car dealerships are our major customers so we conduct the orders as promptly as we can. 

In this stage, we begin the “Build to Order” process upon receiving orders from our customers. Typically, the ordered parts are not 100% ready for delivery since we execute multiple steps to ensure the quality of our products. However, with our comprehensive yard management system, we are able to speed up our production and fulfill orders quickly. 

Pulling the Used Auto Parts

The next process is parts removal. Our part pullers will do an evaluation and create a report from work orders to determine which parts will be removed. This process is one of the last steps in reverse manufacturing. Additionally, this process also includes the part puller doing basic quality control evaluation, marking, and tagging the parts with the routing information. Lastly, the parts will be transferred to the quality control department for the cleaning, routing, and quality control process. 


Quality is Critical 

The quality control process is the most vital step in the final stages of reverse manufacturing. Our comprehensive quality control process sets us apart from any other salvage yards in Colorado. CAP give extra attention to this process to ensure that we only deliver the highest quality salvage car parts. 

The mechanical parts of the vehicle such as engines, transmissions, rear axles, suspension, etc are pressure washed to thoroughly remove all the dirt, grimes, and fluids to make it ready for installation. We also repaint the suspension to arm it against rust and make it look presentable to customers. The lights and sheet metals, on the other hand, are cleaned and buffed to provide a better aesthetic for used car parts. This critical process is important in our company to take a last closer look if there are defects or problems overlooked. 

Logistics and Distribution

After the “Build to Order” process, the salvaged car parts will now be ready for deliveries to our valued customers. CAP hand-deliver the products within our delivery zone. As for products far from our vicinity, we packaged the product well to secure it during the shipment. On the other hand, CAP does not deliver to residential areas, hence, we advise our customers to pick-up the used car part in our customer-friendly physical store. 

End of Life Scrap Process

After the salvaged vehicle goes through the reverse manufacturing process, the rest of the parts that are no good are scrapped and shredded for recycling. Beforehand, we will do another round, a final evaluation to see if there are parts worth salvaging. Then, all the scraps will be moved into a large container to be hauled off to the recycler. The recycler will then shred the remains of the vehicle and separate the metals from all the other parts. These metals will then be smelted and reused to return them to their raw state. 

CAP's comprehensive process in salvaging vehicles is not only quick and pristine but also eco-friendly. We take pride in this strategy to promote efficiency, effectivity, top-not quality, and environmentally friendly salvaged car parts. 




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