Quality Used Auto Parts in Colorado Springs 

Where to get Quality Used Auto Parts in Colorado Springs!

Careen Espanola - January 6, 2021

Used Auto Parts Professionals - Don't call us a junkyard!

CAP brings only the top-notch services, and excellent quality used auto parts in Colorado Springs. We ensure every used auto parts we sell meet the highest customer expectations. A junkyard just doesn't do this!

CAP are expert curators of used auto parts around Colorado Springs. We closely examine even the smallest details of each used auto parts for hidden damages and make use of the latest technology to fix and extend safety.  A junkyard just doesn't do this!

CAP uses a real-time electronic inventory to catalog every used auto parts available for our valued customers. This process is done to extend convenience to our clients around Colorado Springs. Our online platform was strategically designed to expand an easy and quick used auto parts search.  A junkyard just doesn't do this!

Used Auto Parts Quality Assurance

CAP take pride in the meticulous process we conduct to ensure the quality of every used auto part we supply in Colorado Springs.  Every salvaged vehicle and used auto part we hand-picked go through a four-point quality process to ensure we deliver seamless and good-as-new used auto parts. A junkyard just doesn't do this!

CAP Quality Control Process

Step 1: The used auto parts are organized to inventory every used auto parts we have salvaged. 

Step 2: Each used auto parts are extensively evaluated for damages and vehicle and used auto parts details and mileage are noted to identify the essential repairs.  

Step 3: The salvaged vehicle will undergo a compression test to know the condition of its used engines and used transmissions. This crucial process is relevant in our quality control process. 

Step 4: The fluids in the engine and transmission are removed and make available in the market. 

Step 5: The remaining parts of the salvaged vehicle will be again checked and cleaned thoroughly to bring outstanding quality used auto parts. 

Step 6: The used auto parts will be evaluated again for the last time by our delivery drivers to make sure that each used auto part is flawless and damage-free before it reaches the hands of the professionals for repairs.

CAP’s vision is aligned with the quality of products we uphold. We understand the importance of safety and quality when it comes to the used auto parts industry, and, we are leading the pack to spread the value of what we envision in this field; cheap, top quality, and environmentally-friendly used auto parts.  You can't get this kind of quality parts and service at a junkyard!

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