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Careen Espanola - December 11, 2020

The world drastically changed when technology dominated the global market. Extending convenience has become the new norm for business owners to elevate their customer experiences. CAP, as a progressive company, built a website that exhibits easy website navigation and smart search for your specific used auto parts needs. 

Shopping for used auto parts online using our website will give you definite options based on the information provided. CAP aims to provide an online shopping experience that upholds secure payment transactions, easy navigation, hassle-free searches and reliable recommendations. Thus, feel free to use our website as a tool for your used auto parts needs. 

Step by Step Guide For Searching Used Auto Parts Online

Step 1: Visit our website at and click on the “Search Used Parts” tab. 

Step 2: Provide your ZIP code for us to know where to ship your orders. As you scroll down, you will several options to search for the specific used auto parts you are looking for. 

Step 3: You will need to provide your vehicle’s information to assess what best fits your car.  You can easily input your car’s year, manufacturer, and model. 

Step 4: Our website will ask you to type in the used auto part that you are looking for. Just simply click on the “Part Type” menu and input the used auto part’s name. Salvage yards like CAP has an “interchange” system where we can easily locate the used auto parts you need or determine its availability.

Step 5: You will need to type in your vehicle’s mileage to garner better the search results.  Providing us with your mileage will significantly help us assess and identify the works your car needs. Also, it will help us give you more options for the specific used engine, used transmission, or used auto parts you are searching for. 

Step 6: After providing all the information needed, just hit ENTER. Our website will then display all the available used auto parts that can be used for your car. 

Step 7: If you are able to find the one that you are looking for, just simply add the item/s to cart and proceed to checkout. That is if you want to purchase online. However, you also have an option of talking directly with one of our automotive experts and make your purchase in our physical store. 

CAP made an outward effort to guarantee our customers secure online transactions and payment options. We want you to explore our website with ease and hassle-free. We aim to deliver only the best service online or not. Thus, we're your trusted used automotive parts professionals in Colorado Springs.

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