Buying a Replacement Transmission - Remanufactured vs Used OEM

Key Differences in Common Types of Replacement Transmissions

By Careen Espanola - December 1, 2020

CAP specializes in handpicking quality auto parts to promote to the public the real value of salvaged auto parts without shouldering expensive car repair rates. We supply salvaged car parts to body shops, garages, dealerships, and the general public. We render extra effort to uphold our vision and mission: provide excellent quality car parts at a cheaper cost. 

CAP is a reputable salvage yard in Denver Metro Area and Colorado Springs. We have been delivering flawless services, top notch auto parts, and prompt deliveries for the sake of our customer’s satisfaction. Every auto part you will need, we got it covered. From an engine, transfer case, trunk lid, tailgate to transmission, CAP can provide you the best quality salvaged car parts. 

The car’s transmission, along with ith other auto parts, is vital for relaying road safety. If the transmission is damaged, it is ideal to have it replaced right away. However, it is essential to know more about transmissions before making a purchase. It is important to know the kind of transmission that best fits your vehicle. 

The Difference Between Buying Remanufactured Transmissions or Used Transmissions

Used Transmissions

CAP houses high-quality and tested used transmissions. We have a wide array of transmissions that fits different kinds of vehicles and trucks. At a cheaper rate, with our salvage yard, you can acquire fully functional used transmission at a lower cost. 

Why Choose Used Transmissions?

Used transmission is a practical choice when you need a replacement. One of the advantages you will gain from using a used transmission is the savings. You can save as much as 40-60% in contrast to buying an OEM. Additionally, banking into a used transmissions will also help your car to run better. Used transmissions come in different levels of mileage available in the market that will complement the current condition of your vehicle. 

Moreover, a warranty is not only for new products. CAP gives a warranty to every salvaged car part we sell. We offer upgrades and labor warranty to our valued customers to ensure their full satisfaction with our services and products. However, the mystery of the actual quality of the used transmission can be a setback. Thus, Central Auto Parts allot an extra effort to test the transmission before giving it to the new owner. We know the importance of transmission for the safety of the vehicle and its passengers, so we are meticulous and strategic when it comes to handling our salvaged transmissions. 

Remanufactured Transmissions

CAP is a proud distributor of Certified Transmissions. We offer a complete range of remanufactured automotive transmissions at a reasonable cost. Our Certified Transmissions products are armed with the latest OE updates and backed with the industry’s leading warranty protection. Additionally, acquiring your remanufactured transmission from us means discounts and lower rates in contrast to purchasing it directly from the manufacturer. We will extend convenience on your end by taking care of the whole purchasing process for you. We deliver hassle-free transactions at a cheaper cost for the same reman transmission,

Why Choose Remanufactured Transmissions?

The advantage of buying a remanufactured transmission is that you will be getting a nearly “new” transmission. It is significantly cheaper than a new OEM transmission but can deliver the same smooth functions to your vehicle. The remanufacturing process includes removing and replacing damaged parts, cleaning and repainting, and lastly assembling it into a new transmission. It also comes with a strong warranty agreement to your benefit compared to buying a used transmission. On a different note, the cost of a remanufactured transmission is more expensive than a used transmission. Also, in consideration of the fact that it is somehow new, a remanufactured transmission will be turned over to the new owner without testing it inside a vehicle. 

Deals Made Especially For Our Customer’s Satisfaction

CAP offers a wide array of used and remanufactured transmissions in the market. We back our quality services and products with a robust warranty to ensure our clients’ ease of making a purchase with us. We are a trusted team of professional automotive experts that genuinely care for our clients and the environment. So, whenever you need a hand, give us a call. We surely have the right transmission for your vehicle. 

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