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Used Auto Parts are the Greenest Option!

By Careen Espanola - December 1, 2020

Hearing the term auto salvage is often assumed as low-quality but cheap. But is it really? Using salvaged auto parts is a practical way to save on your car repairs while decreasing the garbage and contributing to the wellness of the environment.  

The Cost of Salvaged Car Parts

Salvage yards advocate for the complete recycling of auto parts that still have market value. These auto parts are seamlessly revamped to render nearly the same quality as new OEM will deliver but at a cheaper rate. It recovers valuable used auto parts from junk cars and turns them into something useful and functional. Recycled car parts such as the engine, transmission, turbo, carrier assembly, and other expensive auto parts are commonly salvaged and renewed. These used auto parts are often the ones that add more value to your car repairs. However, switching to using salvage parts will give you the same quality vehicle without the extra charges and over the top price range. Used auto parts cost 40%-60% cheaper than buying an OEM. 

Zero Waste Advocacy 

With the advancement of technology, salvage yards are also finding ways to efficiently recover more parts from a wrecked vehicle. Core used auto parts of the vehicle are salvaged and sold. These parts go straight to rebuilders to recover its intended use. However, there are other useful auto parts in the car that demands attention and recycling. Vehicle parts such as starters, alternators, and visors are vital parts of the vehicle that can also be salvaged and put into good use. Salvage yards support the zero-waste advocacies. Thus, they are finding innovative ways to recover as many items from a wrecked car than just simply throwing them in the trash. 

Saving the World One Recycled Auto Part at a Time

Totaled cars contain several kinds of fluids and recyclable materials that can still be of good use to those who need it. Many salvaged vehicles enclose gasoline drained that can be useful for delivery trucks. Throwing out gasoline may cause damage to the environment, so, instead, we found some ways to reuse these compounds not only to reduce harmful waste but also to promote cost-efficiency. Additionally, oils from salvaged cars are also recovered and sold to companies the recycle petroleum-based products. We don’t let anything that still has value go to waste. We make an extra effort to recover as many auto parts as we can to help people gain cheaper auto part replacements and repairs. 

Your Best Choice For Quality Less-Expensive Car Repair

Central Auto Parts only salvages and sells quality and recoverable used auto parts. We want to extend to our customers our mission to preserve the environment while delivering used parts that are safe and fully functional. We are a team of professional automotive recyclers that are driven by our love for the environment and our vision to shape a nature-friendly automobile industry while promoting cheaper car repair costs. Thus, whenever you are in need of an any sort of auto part, support our green advocacy while saving on your automotive repairs. 

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