Fact vs Fiction on Used Auto Parts

Getting to the bottom of common myths about used auto parts and salvage yards

By Ben Silver - July 15, 2020

I wanted to write a blog to help consumers understand what is true about salvage yards vs what they may hear or have preconceived notions about.  So we’re going to look at facts vs fiction when it comes to used auto parts.

Fact or Fiction:  Auto Recyclers and Salvage Yard carry every single used auto part that you could possibly want.  This is a tough one, because it depends on the particulars of the salvage yard.  I am going to say fiction though, and here is why.  Although we do have entire wrecked vehicles and the ability to remove nearly every used auto part from the vehicles, it is not always cost effective.  In the case of a small clip, wire pigtail, or sensor, it may cost us much more to inventory, process, and remove the used auto part than the part is worth.  So, in some rare instances salvage yards aren’t really the best place to find these small, inexpensive auto parts.  There are however salvage yards, which are called “U-Pull-It” salvage yards, that can be good places to find such small, inexpensive used auto parts.  Also, dealerships can be a decent source for these types of auto parts, although they tend to be pretty expensive.  If you’re really in need, give us a call and we’d happy to see if it’s a part we can provide.

Fact or Fiction:  Used auto parts are junk and are too risky to use.  Salvage yards are junkyards! I have to say that this is totally fiction! There is a perception out there that salvage yards are junk dealers that don’t have quality used auto parts.  Now, I am not saying that there isn’t a “Sanford and Son” style junk yard out there somewhere, but it certainly isn’t CAP.  Most modern salvage yards are very concerned with carrying quality used auto parts and providing customers with auto parts they feel comfortable with and perform as well as the used auto part that is being replaced.  Salvage yards warranty products, should be testing used engines and transmissions thoroughly, and be providing a strong warranty and return policy.  This is the case at CAP and we’re to help you find the right quality used auto part and not some hunk of junk.

Fact or Fiction: Used Auto Parts aren’t as high of quality as New Auto Parts.  Okay, I’m going to say fact to this.  Of course used auto parts aren’t going to be the same quality as a brand new auto part.  But here is the good news, used auto parts are going to be 40%-60% less expensive than the competing brand new OEM auto part.  The savings can be even greater than that in some circumstances as well.  In most cases, the used auto part from a reputable salvage yard is going to match the vehicle that’s being repaired even more closely.  Why is that?  Think about it, every auto part on the car you’re driving right now is, in fact, a used auto part.  If you were to get into an accident, your vehicle may well end up a wrecked vehicle at salvage yard.  With most auto parts, going used is a very good option that will save you some big time money.  On top of that, top notch salvage yards like CAP will cover all used auto parts with a strong warranty and reasonable return policy.  So you have some of the risk associated with a used auto part covered by warranty and if you need to return a part, no big deal.

At the end of the day, consumers should educate themselves on new auto parts vs used auto parts.  CAP is a great place to start your search and learn more about salvage yards and the high quality replacement auto parts we carry.  Click the link below to search our inventory or call one of our sales professionals today!

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