Used Auto Parts in Colorado Springs

Our History

 (CAP) was established in 1977 by Larry Silver and Norm Wright just an hour north of Colorado Springs.  Within a few years, Larry purchased Norm’s shares of the business and pursued the automotive recycling business on his own terms. Larry was dedicated to providing the highest quality used auto parts and top notch service to his customers. He also concentrated on steady growth of his business and ethical practices. The early growth of CAP led Larry to move the business to larger locations through the 80’s until finally finding what would be a more permanent home, still head quartered 60 miles north of Colorado Springs, but eventually hoping to serve that market daily in the ’90’s. Business was solid and a great reputation across the Colorado Springs Market, and all over Colorado, continued to build as the business matured. In 2003 Larry was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia. He was unable to continue working and leading CAP as he had done for the past 27 years. Larry’s battle with Leukemia ended in 2004 leaving the automotive community, his family, and the Central team heart broken. Before Larry passed, he asked his son Ben to step into a leadership role with CAP, and to guide the business into the future. Around this same time, Ben graduated from the College of Business at CSU and joined the Management group of Don Eccles and Jeff Silver. It was difficult early on in the transition, but after a couple years, CAP was ready to grow into the next phase of the business. The 4.5 acre location an hour north of Colorado Springs eventually became too small to effectively push the business and grow. In 2014, after searching far and wide, Ben found a more suitable location that offered everything Central needed, that would allow for stable growth and daily delivery to Colorado Springs. The new facilitywas 6.5 acres with major upgrades in warehouse and office space. The company transitionally moved over the next year and has expanded to fill the new space rapidly. An adjacent property that previously housed another 3 acre auto parts operation was purchased a couple years later. In 2019, CAP expanded outdoor vehicle storage onto the majority of this property, resulting in the 8.5 acres of usable ground the company operates on today. All this inventory is ready and available for fast service to Colorado Springs!

Since its inception, CAP has operated under the standards of providing a high quality product that is inspected and cleaned thoroughly before delivery or pickup. Our engines and transmissions are prepped and cleaned to make installation cleaner and easier for our customers. We’ve integrated a 4-Point Inventory Control process that allows us to keep an accurate, up to date, electronic, inventory that is easily accessed by our professional sales team. Our sales people are trained over a 12 week period, not just pushed onto the phone.  So they’re ready to serve our clients with expertise and professionalism the second they start answering calls. Product availability is paramount in automotive recycling, and critical for customers in Colorado Springs.  We’re always pushing to grow our inventory and process more vehicles so we’ll have more inventory available to our great network of customers. Delivery and logistics of used auto parts is critical as well. Garages, body shops, and dealers need to get their customers vehicles repaired quickly to get them back on the road. We take this seriously, so we employ our own drivers and run our own trucks to ensure control and access to information about your orders in transit. This also allows us to use best practices in protecting parts from damage while in transit to Colorado Springs and other markets. We have real time tracking as well as payment systems with each driver to provide you with a higher level of service and information. Currently, we run four routes daily, one serving the South and East sub markets of the big city, one in the North and West, and recently one serving the “deep south” of the state going into Colorado Springs.

CAP is a family business that that is locally owned and operated. We take pride in our products, services, and team. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with quality products and treating them with kindness and respect. We’re excited to have you as a customer and client and can’t wait to provide you the auto parts you need to get back on the road!

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